Service Agreement and Policies

Beginning Services at MKS Design Services
Once you have determined that MKS Design Services is for you, simply pick up the phone and call.  Or you may order your services through the website.  We do ask if you are coming from another company, that you notify them in advance and work out whatever cancellation policies they have in place.  All other company’s information (logo, links, etc..) must be removed prior to MKS taking over.  If it is not done within 24 hours of your canceling their services, we will remove their items and notify them that they are removed.

Please send all photos in a jpeg, gif, or png format.  We do not charge for cropping photos for unit members pictures. Event photos will be uploaded to and placed in a slide show on your site.

Proofreading Documents
We do not proofread for spelling errors, etc. in documents and items you send us for your website and newsletter.  If we do catch something, we will correct it at no charge but it is generally place on your website and/or newsletter as is.  We do proofread everything we send you, however, there are times that things are missed.  We ask that you carefully look over any flyers and newsletters that we send you for approval.  We are not responsible for errors after something is sent and approved for mailing/posting.  We are also not responsible for errors from MK Intouch

We send all our invoices through Paypal.  You will receive an invoice on the 1st for the following month. Payment is due on the 15th.  You then have the option of paying with your paypal account with your credit/debit card or bank account.  If you do not have a paypal account, you can pay via credit card.  You do not need to have a paypal account in order to pay with your credit card. We do ask  that we keep a credit/debit card on file.  ALL information is kept in a secure location and not stored on the computer.  If payment is not received via paypal by the 15th, we will automatically charge your credit card on the 16th.   All packages, website, and newsletter services are charged in advance.  If payment is not received by the 20th, late charges will begin to apply, unless arrangements are made before.  Late charges are 10% of total bill.  All services will be stopped if payment is not received by the 25th. If your account becomes seriously past due (6 months or more) we
reserve the right to seek legal action if necessary.

Notice of Termination
MKS Design Services., works on a month-to-month basis with its clients. As such, we require notification prior to the 1st of the
month if you wish to terminate services with us. Failure to notify MKS Design Services of your desire to terminate services prior
to the 1st of the month can result in regularly monthly charges being accrued.  If you wish to pause your services for a month, you must contact us before the 1st.  Only one month in a 12 month period may be paused.

Paid Vacations & Holidays
MKS Design Services, will be closed for 2 weeks out of the year from September 15th through the 29th during which no work will be done, no e-mail will be answered, and no phone messages will be returned. Clients will be notified well in advance of the vacation weeks in advance.
The office will also be closed for the following holidays:
• Good Friday
• Memorial Day
• 4th of July
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving & the day after
• Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & the day after
• New Year’s Eve & day
We will also be closed on January 11th and June 12 each year
We also may be closed due to inclement weather or any unforeseen reason. If we are closed, we will contact you to let you
know that we are unable to perform services and will let you know once we are able. No credits are offered if we are closed
and cannot complete work that day, as it will be picked up at another time and efforts will be made to “double up” on work
during the time when we are updating your site – until we are caught up. MKS Design Services staff will work together
to schedule time off on days that do not affect your update day or make other arrangements to have your material/site
updated on your scheduled day. Please understand that there are no credits for staff taking time off during our scheduled
leave period (major holidays/two weeks vacation). Also understand that uncontrollable events do happen, and if we are
unable to update your website for some reason, we will contact you ASAP to make arrangements to update your

All website designs, logos, and graphics created by MKS Design Services, are the copyrighted property ofMKS Design Services.,. All
websites created or maintained by MKS Design Services., will be branded with our signature:
MKS Design Services|
only for and by our clients unless express permission has been given. Use of our designs or graphics without express
permission will be considered copyright infringement. Source files for graphics, flyers, postcards, etc. may be given to the
client upon request.

Domain names purchased at the request of a client are the property of the client and will be freely transferred to the client
upon termination of service. Registration of the initial domain is included in the setup fee of the website. Yearly renewal of
the domain name will be billed to the client.
Website designs and logos and their accompanying source files created by MKS Design Services, are the property of MKS Design Services, and can be purchased for use by the client for $150 upon termination of service.
We are not responsible to ensuring that your site is compliant with your independent sales force or contractor agreement.
Business Hours
MKS Design Services, operates Monday 1pm-6pm and Tuesday through Friday 8am to 5pm EST.

Rush Jobs
Any work that the client requests to have completed outside of normal business hours is subject to a rush fee of $20.

Websites and Start Up
This is the only service for which we require a deposit of ½ down before we will begin work. Once the deposit is received we
will design a layout for you and e-mail you a preview. We will go back and forth with you until you are happy with the
layout design. Once we receive written notification from you that you are ready for us to proceed to building the website,
we will begin loading content. We will notify you when content addition has been completed and you will be given the
opportunity to review the site. The invoice balance must be paid in full before the site will be made Live.
If the client elects to terminate the project after the deposit has been made and before the completion of the project, the
invoice will be modified to Time and Materials and time spent will be billed at $15/hour.

Website Update Schedule
Website updates are completed on the day of the week that you select during registration. People with the semi-monthly
package also select either weeks 1/3 or 2/4. We have a 9 am guarantee with updates. If you send us your updates by 9 am
of your update day we promise to have those updates completed that day.

We make every effort to have newsletters completed by the 15th of the month.

Other Services
MKS Design Services, will make every effort to complete specific requests in a timely fashion. When a request is received we
will attempt to give you a timeline as to completion.

MKS Design Services, will not sell or share your information with any 3rd party without your express permission. InTouch
passwords are used only for gathering information to be used for services being rendered. MKS Design Services, is not affiliated
with any Direct Sales company.

MKS Design Services is not responsible for any charges or expenses (overdrawn accounts, exceeding credit card limits, etc.) resulting
from charges billed by MKS Design Services. By accepting these terms you hereby agree to authorize MKS Design Services to automatically
charge your credit card or debit card. This contract may change at any time without notice, so please check back regularly
on our website for our contract. If you are not in agreement with contract changes, please address
those with us or you may cancel services, but must cancel adhering to the above.