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Hi, My name is Sherri.  I am a mom of 5 boys and a former nurse.  I’ve been with Mary Kay for 11 years and a Virtual Assistant for 10 years.  I am looking forward to working with you to bring your business to the next level!

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I’m ALL IN, are you?

I just finished listening to our new MK President Nathan Moore talking about the new ALL IN campaign and what it means. I love that it’s basically getting back to basics, back to what Mary Kay created this company, while yet keeping up with the times. I know I’m sold, I’m ALL IN, what about you?

What does it mean to be “ALL IN”? It means being committed to being successful in your business and in changing lives. You can change the lives of the women you have at your classes, you can change the lives of women who you add to your team. How can I do this? Well, you need to get out there! You need to meet women, you need to book classes, you need to hold classes, and you need to follow up! You can’t do that if you’re spending your time on social media or on your computer/smart phone. You can use these tools to book your classes, but you have to get out and meet women! Make it a goal to hand out a minimum of 5 cards each day. Get their information and send them a sweet card in the mail or email. Then follow up and book them!

Start delegating those tasks that keep you from building your retail business and your team building! Get off the computer and get off your smart phone! Stop making those newsletters, stop updating your websites, there are virtual assistants who can do that. Even Mary Kay herself delegated those tasks that kept her from building her business. The most successful business people delegate those penny tasks in order to make the big bucks.

As a virtual assistant, I”m ALL IN to helping your build your business! I love recognizing those unit members who are working their business and building their teams. So, in order to do that, I am eliminating all set up fees. Let me focus on you so you can focus on your business!